• Interval International Review

    The Pros
    We love the variety of destinations with 2,400 affiliate resorts worldwide.
    The Cons
    The ultimate value of Interval International depends on the value of the timeshare trades you actually make.
    Our Verdict 0 /10
    With resorts of every size and character all over the world and affordable exchange fees and membership, this is a good broker service for the timeshare owners.

    Interval International Review

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    Editor’s Note: This service has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another service. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this service’s information.

    Interval International, known to its members as just II, doesn’t sell timeshares or peddle cruises. Instead, they facilitate timeshare and vacation trades. By enforcing a strict set of quality criteria at all of their affiliated resorts, they ensure that members know what to expect from an Interval International vacation trade. With resorts of every size and character located all over the world, Interval International is a useful service for the timeshare owner.

    Standout Features

    • 2,400 affiliate resorts
    • Trade Interval International affiliated timeshares
    • Member discounts on flights, cruises, rental cars and other travel expenses
    • Affordable exchange fees and membership


    Membership Details

    Like RCI, Interval International doesn’t actually own any properties. Instead, they provide timeshare owners with the option to trade their vacation time with other timeshare owners. For a timeshare owner looking for a change of scenery, Interval International is an ideal means of going somewhere new.

    Interval International features renowned properties from hospitality groups like Marriott Vacation Club, Four Seasons Residence Club, Westgate Resorts and countless other resort networks.

    The quality of Interval International’s rooms vary substantially from resort to resort. In order to be a member of Interval International’s network of resorts and properties, affiliates must meet their quality standards. While most Interval International destinations provide all-around quality experiences, some older resorts have fallen into disrepair or get complaints regarding staff. Be sure to read up on specific resorts you might be interested in frequenting before you commit to anything.

    Types of Destinations

    You’ll find Interval International affiliate resorts everywhere. While they currently do not have a resort on Antarctica, they’ve got the rest of the globe peppered with health spas, ski lodges, urban resorts, beachfront resorts and theme park family properties.


    Interval International opens up particularly nice vacation options for timeshare owners with both desirable destinations and popular weeks. Obviously a November timeshare at an Atlantic City resort does not have the same weight as a New Year’s week timeshare in Hawaii. To get the most out of Interval International, it’s important that you invest in a desirable timeshare.

    Member Support

    Interval International members can make vacation exchange requests and address any issues with support staff via telephone. Specific inquiries can also be directed to Interval International by email. Interval International provides travel insurance for members.


    One of the greatest disincentives to owning a timeshare is being locked into taking the same vacation year after year. By investing in a timeshare affiliated with Interval International you can add some variety to your vacationing. With their reasonable fees and a stunning variety of locations, II is an invaluable asset to the vacation owner. 

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